4 things the right credit card does for your business

Businesses can be tough to navigate around. There’s the issue of cash flow, money being tied up in inventory, having to pay suppliers, manufacturers, the list goes on. But a lot of these business operations challenges can be overcome with owning the right credit card. The new Alliance Bank Visa Infinite Business Card, the first prestigious enterprise Visa Infinite card in Southeast Asia, makes running a business so much easier. Here are 4 good reasons why:



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1. It’s like having a good money manager

This is an obvious one. By moving over to credit-based expenditure, there is definitely more access to cash, especially with a reasonable credit limit and affordable instalment plans. With the extra cash, it opens up doors to pay off commitments, and allows for more investment opportunities and extra room to expand the business. Interest free repayment for the credit card comes as an even bigger bonus, especially when you’re offered a 0% interest repayment plan for 3 months for overseas purchases.


2. It’s like having a brilliant administrative staff

Not having to pay cash and instead, use credit cards for business also drastically cuts down wasted time and increases overall productivity. Gone are the days when you spend countless hours filling in paperwork to transfer the cash overseas and pay additional fees for the remittance. That time is better spent focusing on customer needs and various other aspects of the business.


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3. It’s like having a personal assistant

With the new Visa Infinite Business Card, it is infinitely (pun intended) easier to recover VAT paid for business expenses overseas in much less time. The TaxBack International feature of the card makes the process of recovering the VAT virtually effortless. If that isn’t enough, the card also comes with a one-stop travel help desk feature which allows for better management of travel expenses. That means 24-hour hotline assistance for missed flight connections, flight delays and other potential travel mishaps.


4. It’s like having a generous partner

The more spent on the card, the more it rewards. What’s better than making inventory purchases and then being rewarded lushly for it? When you consider this in the long run, it comes up to thousands of points collected or savings earned through cash rebates. This is money that can be ploughed back into the business. Whether it is cash rebates or point collection, strategically, it just makes overall sense for the business.



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It also rewards you when you travel for business. Earn complimentary air miles through booking with Kaligo Business Plus, and you could be entitled to a free flight and discounted hotel stay. Gain access to the airport lounge to enjoy the exclusivity of it and on top of everything, if you’re into golf, tee off without worrying about fees with complimentary green fees at selected golf clubs.

visa2With all these business-centric features, Alliance Bank’s Visa Infinite Business Card is definitely a value-add to any business – to increase company profitability, to ease operations, to keep every party happy and to maximise rewards. The card even comes with additional protection benefits.


For more details on Alliance Bank’s Visa Infinite Business Card, visit https://www.alliancebank.com.my/VisaInfiniteBusinessCreditCard.

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