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Apple reportedly scaled back its car ambitions because nobody could agree on what an Apple Car should do

The Apple Car may never happen. For now, Apple wants to build a self-driving campus shuttle.

Here’s how people are using their smartwatches

For smartwatch owners, the most valuable features are activity tracking and text notifications.

Diabetes a hot issue not just in Singapore – here’s how tech and healthcare giants plan to take it on

The New Paper Do you know anyone who suffers from diabetes? You probably do. By now, this should come as no surprise: the number of...

Apple’s $1 billion video plan should worry Spotify, not Netflix

Apple's stock price might get a boost if its $1 billion plan for video pays off.

The iPhone 8’s 3D face scanner will reportedly be able to work ‘in the millionths of a second’

The report also suggests that the special edition iPhone may arrive on the market with a slight delay, and support augmented reality applications.

Silicon Valley has finally found the one line that can’t be crossed — now it has a bigger problem

The violence in Charlottesville has caused many tech companies to rethink their roles.

Apple fans prepare yourselves: One of the original Apple I computers is going up for auction in September

A working Apple I and other rare Apple artifacts are going up for auction in September.

Spotify has banned white-supremacist bands in the aftermath of Charlottesville

Joining the companies denouncing white supremacists after the Charlottesville, Virginia, unrest, Spotify and Apple have publicly condemned hate groups.

Apple’s $5 billion ‘Spaceship’ campus looks nearly finished a month before the next iPhone launches

Apple Park's main building is nicknamed the "Spaceship," and it certainly looks like one. See the latest photos and a video of Steve Jobs Theatre.