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Everything you ever wanted to know about MoviePass, the $10-a-month service that lets you see one movie per day in theaters

Though MoviePass has been around since 2011, it didn't break into the mainstream until Tuesday.

This app lets people suffering from mental illness and addiction find support groups on demand

Huddle is an app for finding virtual support groups where users can connect over shared issues, like addiction, depression, or anxiety.

The updates coming to Apple Maps make me actually want to use it again

Nearly five years after launch, the newest update puts Apple Maps solidly on a par with Google.

This startup, borne from a failed $500 million Silicon Valley darling, believes it has the cure for what’s ailing voice assistants

Aiqudo is a San Jose-based startup that wants to make it so voice assistants like Alexa are both more useful and more open.

Thanks to a new Salesforce app, customer service agents will be able to answer complaints from bed

Salesforce has designed Service Cloud to be a lot easier to configure and use, with quicker installation times and a drag-and-drop setups.

Uber drivers will now get $15 to return phones and other items people forget in their cars

Uber rolled out a second round of new polices for drivers today. The changes include a returned item fee and 24/7 driver support line.

17 stunning works of art created using only Microsoft Paint

Microsoft is cutting off support for the program in the fall. Here's a roundup of some of the best MS Paint artwork we've seen.

How the ‘Uber of China’ compares to Uber itself

Didi Chuxing, while virtually unknown in the West, is nearly as massive as Uber — and its future may be brighter.