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Steve Mnuchin’s wife apologizes for calling a woman ‘adorably out of touch’

"I apologize for my post on social media yesterday."

Facebook really is losing teen users to Instagram and Snapchat

Facebook's teen users are quitting faster.

Steve Mnuchin’s wife bashes a woman for being ‘adorably out of touch’ and paying less tax than her

Some people apparently took issue with a picture of Louise Linton and Steven Mnuchin stepping off a government jet in Kentucky.

30,000 people have descended on Oregon for a festival that’s like Burning Man for eclipse-chasers — here are the photos

The best photos from the 2017 Oregon Eclipse Festival celebrating the total solar eclipse.

The white supremacist who helped lead the Charlottesville rally has been banned from Facebook

In a widely viewed Vice News documentary, Cantwell denigrated black and Jewish people, embraced violent tactics, and declared Heather Heyer's death "justified."

Instagram’s abuse-fighting AI system has trouble with Kanye West lyrics

Instagram is using an AI system called DeepText to root out spam and abusive comments, and the system does not like a certain Kanye West lyric.

Snapchat has 173 million users but it’s struggling to grow outside North America

Chart showing Snapchat's user growth since the first quarter of 2014.

One of the most famous photographers in history just made her Instagram public — here are the best photos

Cindy Sherman's Instagram is now public. She's famous for her carefully executed self-portraits.

Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen talk about the ‘scary’ side of social media that inspired their new movie about an Instagram stalker

"Ingrid Goes West" stars Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen and looks at what can go wrong on Instagram.