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US-backed Kurds release another video of their forces striking a Turkish vehicle

Tensions between the two sides continue to escalate.

Spanish police are zeroing in on a prime suspect in deadly Barcelona attack

Abdelbaki Es Satty, an imam, may have been responsible for radicalizing the men who carried out the attacks.

Photographs appear to show the Barcelona attacker calmly walking away from the massacre

CCTV images of a man walking past La Bouqeria, a market just off of the site of the attack, Las Ramblas, were published by the Spanish newspaper El País.

19 images show how the deadly Barcelona van attack unfolded

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack.

A US defense contractor developed a drone that can fire a sniper rifle

But some are worried it could be copied by terrorist groups like ISIS.

YouTube’s crackdown on extremist content and ISIS is also hurting researchers and journalists

One high-profile researcher said 'YouTube is doing more damage to Syrian history than ISIS could ever hope to achieve.'

We got a copy of the Silver Star award for Joshua Wheeler, the Delta Force hero killed fighting ISIS

Wheeler was part of a mission that saved roughly 70 prisoners the US feared would be executed the next day.

The Air Force is testing these 4 planes to potentially fight alongside the legendary A-10

The US Air Force's Light Attack Experiment, going on in New Mexico during August, is a series of trials to evaluate light aircraft for combat operations.

Iran keeps trying to crash US ships and aircraft

As this was the 13th unsafe and unprofessional interaction between the US Navy and Iran's maritime forces this year, it can be assumed Iran meant to do it.

Trump says he wants to listen to low-ranking soldiers instead of ‘lousy’ advice from generals for Afghan war strategy

During a meeting with US military advisers in July, Trump appeared to be heavily influenced by an earlier meeting he had with US veterans of the conflict.