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Here’s an easy way to check which theaters in your area work with MoviePass’s $10-a-month subscription

This handy, fan-created website lets you enter your ZIP code to see where MoviePass is accepted in your area.

Meet ‘Lady Desirée,’ a single mother of three whose life changed after posting a video to YouTube

"Lady Desirée" Wright, a single mother of three, teaches piano during the day, and streams herself playing music and games on Twitch at night.

Reddit’s valuation is now approaching $2 billion

The San Francisco-based website raised $200 million from a group of big-name Silicon Valley investors.

New leaked photos claim to show Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

The S8 Active will not have the edge-to-edge display that the original model is famous for, instead having flat screen with a thin black bezel around the edges.

17 stunning works of art created using only Microsoft Paint

Microsoft is cutting off support for the program in the fall. Here's a roundup of some of the best MS Paint artwork we've seen.

After just 24 hours, players have very strong feelings about ‘Destiny 2’ already

Ahead of the September launch of "Destiny 2," a beta for the game is already drawing specific complaints from the franchise's most dedicated fans.

New York City resident reveals why he chooses Olive Garden over some of the best restaurants in the world

Why would someone visit an Olive Garden in New York City — a city packed with some of the best restaurants in the world?

Reddit, Netflix, Google, and dozens of other tech companies are protesting Trump’s FCC today — here’s why

Several internet companies on Wednesday took part in a protest in support of the Federal Communications Commission's seemingly doomed net-neutrality rules.

These construction photos reveal the fascinating inner workings of a movie-theater screen

Have you ever stared at a movie theater screen and wondered, "What the heck is going on behind that thing?" If so, a few Reddit users have answers for you.