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EX-TREASURY OFFICIAL: Cheap central bank money is ‘like heroin’ for the economy

Nicholas Macpherson, who was permanent secretary to the Treasury from 2005 to 2016, said there are "negative side-effects" from central banks' QE programs.

Fake drugs laced with a legal drug 50 times stronger than heroin are showing up in the UK

In recent months while screening samples of street heroin, British police discovered a drug whose appearance they had been dreading — fentanyl.

REPORT: Billionaire Steve Cohen is facing a UK regulatory hurdle

Around 1,100 people work at Point72, which manages $11 billion of Steve Cohen's wealth.

The 6 UK cities that will suffer most from a ‘hard’ Brexit

A new report outlines the cities in the UK predicted to be worst hit by both a 'soft' and 'hard' Brexit.

Barclays slides to £1.4 billion loss as PPI costs spike

Barclays made an attributable loss of £1.4 billion, hit by increased PPI costs and losses resulting from the sale of its Africa unit.

Mexico’s Sinaloa cartel has reportedly teamed up with a Romanian gang to ship drugs to the UK

Mexican criminal groups have been active in Europe for some time, but a Sinaloa cartel alliance with a European gang may be cause for new concern in Britain.

Trump’s talk of a trade deal with the UK shows he has no idea how Brexit works

It will likely take several years for a trade agreement between the UK and the US to come into being.

One of the leading institutions backing homeopathic ‘treatments’ has effectively banned them

Britain has declared that it will no longer fund homeopathy, calling the bogus treatment a "misuse of scarce government funds."

2 British submariners reportedly asked Theresa May to make it easier to download porn while at sea

The submariners asked May if to help make day-to-day life at sea a little more bearable.

The UK government is going to force porn sites to introduce age-checks or be banned

Adult websites will have to take all users' credit card details to prove their age.