Wild Digital presents 15 questions with Honestbee’s Joel Sng

Wild Digital, Southeast Asia’s premier digital conference, is known for bringing together the region’s most successful and exciting Internet leaders. Attended by leading tech CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs, senior executives and investors from around the world, Wild Digital explore the trends shaping the industry and discusses strategies for building billion dollar businesses in this space. This year’s conference will be held on May 24th and 25th at Le Meridien, Kuala Lumpur – you can get your ticket here.

Joel Sng is co-founder and CEO of Honestbee, a concierge delivery service in Singapore. The company first started out late 2015 in Singapore, but soon experienced rapid expansion across multiple markets in Asia from Malaysia, Thailand to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan. Apart from growing its operational base, Honestbee also expanded its services, providing on-demand laundry services and most recently launching its food delivery service.

Business Insider sits with Joel leading up to Wild Digital to get an early insight, with our 15 questions series.

1. If you were a superhero, what would your trait or power be?

I would like the ability to teleport

2. If you were stranded on a deserted island, what are 3 things you would bring with you?

Knife, solar panel and wires

3. What are the top 3 apps on your phone?

Honestbee, Google calendar and Whatsapp

4. If you could tell your 18-year old self one thing, what would it be?

Spend more time out of Singapore and get as much exposure as you can

5. What would be the title of your autobiography?

Impossible is impossible

6. Who is your inspiration in the Internet industry, and why?

Pierre Lamond – one of the pioneers in Silicon Valley and a man whom has successfully kept up with the changes and evolution of the technology industry. 

7. What was your first business venture?

I sold magnets of tamiya cars and erasers of countries to my class mates  

8. If you could pitch to one person, who would it be?

I would like to pitch to Warren Buffett as he isn’t fond of retail nor has he invested heavily in technology.

9. What is the most exciting thing about your job?

I get to see an idea engineered into reality and then have it be used by the consumers

10. What was the biggest lesson you’ve learnt and how has it impacted the way you work?

Not everyone can keep up at the same pace. I am now more granular and methodical

11. Best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Focus on the customer and what you want to build for them

12. What’s the biggest challenge facing the tech industry in SEA today and how do you foresee it getting solved?

The biggest challenge facing the tech industry in SEA today is that the next generation of startups need to be focused on solving deeper problems in which unfortunately we do not have sufficient talent or experience in. There are no industries like security, optimisation, data science and artificial intelligence that exist where new startups can learn and hire from. Unlike retail, transportation or logistics which are industries that have been in existence but are being redone in a better way

13. What do you think is the hottest vertical in the region right now?

Logistics – fundamentally very different from transportation but lying under the radar for a long time

14. What is the most exciting trend emerging in the region right now?

It will be a collision of the big American and Chinese companies that are trying to lay claim to SE Asia, be it in e-commerce, logistics or transportation

15. What are you looking forward to at Wild Digital this year?

I get to meet other really interesting companies and get to hear their thoughts and ideas

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